group members



is interested in population genomics of microbes and how mathematical models can help to understand the evolution of bacteria.


PhD student

is interested in the comparison of machine learning applications and model-based approaches in population genetics.

Axel Fehrenbach

PhD student

investigates the evolutionary dynamics of CRISPR systems and their spacer arrays.

Johannes Kippnich

PhD student

is modeling the dynamics of CRISPR-antimicrobials and plasmids.

Hannah Götsch


Hannah will soon be joining us to work on sampling biases in bacterial genomic databases.

Sandrine Wayou Fossouo

visiting master student

Sandrine is working on the evolution of mutation rates in fluctuating environments

Jules Kreuer

master student

Jules is looking into the effect of horizontal gene transfer on pangenomes

Philip Höllein

master student

Philip works on simulations for plant breeding schemes and selfing species.

Huiting Xu

master student

Huiting is working on the interpretability of CNNs in population genetics.

Yuxin Ning

master student

Yuxin studies simulation-based inference in population genetics.


former group members


PostDoc or Master

We have currently positions available. Please get in touch if you would like to join the team.

Christian Resl

master student

Chris is looking at gene-co-occurrence in neutrally evolving populations.


student assistant

Emile is working on a shiny app for forensic ancestry classification.


colleagues and collaborators

I am part of the SPP2141 CRISPR-Cas functions beyond defence

University of Freiburg

Big Data Institute Oxford

Biozentrum Basel

Princeton University

NCBI Bethesda

Broad Institute

Tel Aviv University

Stochastik Rhein-Main Group